What Does the Tetris Game Do to One’s Intelligence?

Sep 24, 2022 my blog

The link between video games and intelligence has been a persistent theory that a lot of people have been following. Whether it be a Tetris game or a first person shooter, people have always thought there was a connection between intelligence and games. But this insistence may have a simpler explanation. Those same people who kept putting a connection between video games and intelligence might just be the very same people who are playing these games. This puts a damper on the validity of these theories because of course these people draw connections between video games and intelligence because they support video game playing. What’s worse is when these same studies are created by the same people who manufacture video games.

In any case, there have been studies on สล็อต people who play free Tetris games and there may actually be a real connection between intelligence and playing this game. First, a large group of people were all asked to undergo an MRI scan of their brain. Then, this large group was divided into two separate groups. A set of people were studied. One group was made to play Tetris for a set amount of time (for a period of many weeks). Another set was not made to play the game. Then both groups were again scanned by an MRI scanner. The results where very telling. It was first believed that the amount of brain cells that a person had did not change. But it seems that some of the grey matter in the brains of those who were subjected to the Tetris game actually thickened. That means that there really was a sizable increase in those people’s mental skills.

Exercising one’s mind can be done through several means. But the thing is, puzzle games can be one of the most mentally stimulating games out there. This is because the mind learns to incorporate shapes and objects. This helps build one’s spatial intelligence.

There are people out there who claim that perhaps the only thing that playing the Tetris game will do is to increase one’s Tetris intelligence. That is, the intelligence that one gains from playing the game. But this is very debatable. Though it is true that this game is not as complex as the newer games in the market, there is still a lot mental stimulation that goes along with playing the game. This is especially stimulates spatial intelligence because reaction time goes faster and faster as the game difficulty progresses.