Phillies Snag Game 1 From Yankees

Mar 16, 2023 my blog

Game 1 went precisely as Yankees fans trusted it wouldn’t go. The typically solid hitting group seemed to be its standard self as the Yankees lost game 1 of the Worldwide championship to the Phillies by the score of 6 to 1.

Many were astounded to see the hard hitting Yankees go down like this. While it was just a single game, seldom do the Yankees go a solitary game without scoring a run.

I don’t have the data close by, however I’d envision it’s been เว็บแทงบอล some time since the group was held to only one spat a game.

Notwithstanding, there were two significant story lines in this game. The principal included the incredible hitting of Pursue Utley. Utley, who was believed to be harmed before the Worldwide championship after he fouled a ball off his foot prior this post season, looked fit as a fiddle as he added to the Phillies’ success with two homers for his group in the game.

Seldom does a player hit two grand slams in a single game during the Worldwide championship, and this commitment was colossal as it brought the Phillies every one of the group’s initial two runs in the game.

The second significant story here was Bluff Lee, who ostensibly got everyone’s attention himself. Lee is a new Phillies securing, having come to the group via Cleveland. He’s been out and out heavenly for the Phillies since joining the group, and this evening was the greatest beginning of his vocation.

Lee conveyed for his group in stupendous style, pitching almost the whole game prior to giving up only one run access his total game dominate. Similarly great is the way that he struck out 10 Yankees players over the span of the game.

In no way, shape or form is this series over, however the Phillies said something during this game. Assuming the Yankees are to win this series, they must procure it.

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